Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ch 10 - 12

In Chapter 10,  I was very impressed on what Obama had gone through. I never known that George Bush didn’t  care about black people. As you can tell, I didn't pay attention to the news or cared about who the president was. I just wanted the world to be a better place for everyone. The only thing I really appreciated was when Obama would take his time to listen to people in needed for attention because some of the people in the government didn’t give a crap what was right or wrong. All they cared about was themselves and nothing else.
In Chapter 11, Obama doesn’t let anything stand in his way. It is like he is the person who don’t do nothing negative only positive. I was surprised to know that Kanye West told the world that George Bush doesn’t like black people. I didn’t know anything about that.There was another person who said that Obama got a lot of voters from those who were black. Why does some people have to racist? Why can’t they just accept  people for who they are? Sometimes it confuses me when they do crap like that either you’re racist or not, if you are then there something wrong with you. God did not separate us by the color of our skin, our religions, etc. God  put us together because we’re human being like everyone else.
In Chapter 12, I never knew that John  McCain would be so hateful. Why would McCain would do such a thing? It’s like he wanted to win this race or wanted the world know it’s all about him, but it’s not. It is about the people of America. I never knew McCain would be so selfish for his own reason. Obama didn’t let that stop him. He ignored everything that McCain had thrown at him. It’s like McCain  was throwing things at Obama just to get him  mad or do something stupid so the people can see what kind of Obama he is. Obama got everyone attention by his amazing speech. I am very impressed what Obama have done for the people who are in need. People around the world really want to see that change just like Obama said he can’t take back his own words. He have to be honest with the people, so that people would appreciate what he have done for them.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Chapter 4 - 9

In Chapter 4, Obama decided to let people call him Barack instead of Barry.I think to him Barack is more mature and not childish. He makes a speeches that make people want  to pay attention to him. People, on campus, encouraged him say more. They wanted to know what he have to say about South Africa. Obama felt like it was his duty to tell the people what was going on around the world and tell the people to open their eyes to put a stop to it or do something to make a better world. When Obama said that he want the world to be a better place, that kind of reminded me of some of the songs I’ve been hearing from different artists. They wanted the world to be a better place, where it is safe. I understand that people want to help, as much as I do. I want people to see what is going on outside of the world instead of their own world. People need help from other as other need help from people.
In Chapter 5, Obama wanted to start a community organizer but no one seemed to believe in him. They expected him to give up and let it go, because they thought it was a waste of time. Which it does, but he didn’t  give up until he got what he wanted and what he believed in. They expected him to be like one of the white people, but he proved them wrong. He cared about the people who in need and live in a poor areas. When he started  to help the other communities, he finally got what he want. People from the community he just helped were finally relieved that someone like Obama was ready to make a change and help other people out with their situation.I understand that some white people would take advantage of some black people, which is so wrong and disrespectful. I wonder what happen if it were reverse, for example, black people take advantage of white people. I want white people to know what is like when someone is taking advantage of you and disrespect one another.
In Chapter 6, Obama got to meet his relatives from his father’ side of the family. It was about time that Obama got to meet his half brother and half sister from Kenya. But I was shocked that they told Obama about their father dark side. It’s like Obama’s father is between good and bad. When they got a chance to meet their father, he was a whole another person who want his kids to do well and have a better life unlike him. The father should have thought about this long time ago, without ruining his kids live. It is like he is a bad example to his kids. Obama just didn’t expect to hear  bad things about his father. He didn’t want to end up like his father who was drunk and mean at the same time.
In Chapter 7, Obama had learned everything he need to know about his family and his father. It seemed as if he was trying to understand what his father had been doing all his life. At first he thought of his father as stranger, but now he think of him as a real father. A real father who had tried to better and pushing himself to another levels. He began to understand himself in Kenya, as he open his eyes and realized the big picture.
In Chapter 8, I did not know that Obama found his soulmate in Chicago. All this time Michelle was his manager and he was her intern. It is true that employees should not date another employee, if they’re working at the same place. It was kinda sweet and romantic that Obama only want Michelle and knew that she was the one for him to spend the rest of his life with.
In Chapter 9, it is very interesting that Obama just doesn’t seem to give up at all. He doesn’t let people know that he is taking advantage of them, which he is not. Obama is trying to be more understanding and caring at the same time. He either choose what was right or wrong. Some people think Obama have what it take to be a leader, while other disagreed. To me, I think he is trying to get people to see the real Obama. The one who will change the world and make it a better place.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My name is Lorian Jones. I'm doing this blog for English. In my class, I have to read A Dream Fulfilled: The Story of Barack Obama  chapters one through three. At first, I thought this book was going to be boring and that it would put me to sleep but I was wrong. I was very interested in it and I wondered was going on in Obama's life. There are so many thing I want to say when I finish reading the 3 chapters. My reaction was I was shocked and sometimes rage. It’s just the way I feel when I read this book.
The only part I don't understand  was why Obama couldn’t exactly figure out his race due to be a mixed breed. It make me feel like if I were there with him, I would knock upside his head and tell him "What about me? You're not the only one who’s having a problem. Look at me, tell me what kind of problem do I have. I am deaf and some people make fun of deaf or hard of hearing people."
I understand Obama wanted to blend in with the white people, because some black people want the white people to accept them. I can kinda related to that. In the past, I wanted to blend in with the hearing people and have them accept me for being who I am, but I realized that I'm not ashamed of who I am, I am proud of what I am. Sometimes I hated when a person would look or just stare, and maybe say cruel things about you behind your back. When people act like they have never seen a deaf person before, I just want to tell them, "Do you have a problem with a deaf people, if not then look away and mind your business and let us live in peace." I would stand up for my deaf community if we're being mistreated.
Obama's relationship with his father seemed to be difficult for me to understand. Why was he not in his son's life? I understand his father wanted to show his people from Kenya that he is getting a better education and his life getting better but come on, a father should be there for his children no matter what. Children need a mother and a father figure so they can become better and understand what they need to understand. The only thing I do not accept is when a father tells  a child that he/she must study during your school break, which is foolish. If the child already have a good grades, why make him study harder during school break when the child could be out having fun with their friends.